poets tongue

The Poet’s Tongue is an out-of-print poetry anthology, compiled by W.H. Auden and John Garrett.  It contains marvelous rhythmic poetry.  The book will most likely never be re-printed, however, due to dated and occasionally offensive content.

Although nothing compares to the experience of reading the book in hard copy, this page is an attempt to slowly compile as many of the poems in the book as possible.


1. A Carrion Crow Sat On An Oak: Folk Song  (post also introduces the book and contains a link to Stephen Burt’s review of The Poet’s Tongue.) 

2. A Farmer’s Dog Leapt Over the Style: Nursery Rhyme (post includes a note from the book’s preface about the art of compiling an anthology.)

3. A widow bird sate mourning for her love: P.B. Shelley (1792-1822)

4. The Strange Visitor: Anon.