Dailies 1/17/18


 Craig Dobson – What’s the Use of Myth?

Where there should be a man
sown in seal’s skin, crowned
with bone from a sea king’s cave,
his features inked with nymph spell,

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Michelle Menting – How after Snowmelt

We checked off our likes, our wants,
and have-nots like items in a suitcase,
like things we’d carry to a weekend
with relatives all grown up. We drove

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Jos Charles – from feeld

         bieng tran is a unique kinde off organe / i am speeching 

         materialie / i am speeching abot hereditie / a tran 

         entres thru the hole / the hole glomes inn the linden / a 
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“telling not only about our history but about the lived moment…”

“…poetry and theatre do the work of telling not only about our history but about the lived moment, the particular moment that we’re in, in a way that rises above all the noise of increasingly uncivil discourse and division. It’s what brings us together: sitting in the theatre, watching something with other people, that communal experience that brings us together, and the intimate voice of a poem in which you feel, across time and space, that you might just be the only person the poem is speaking to—it feels like a deeply intimate connection.”

Natasha Trethewey: Say It, Say It Again: The poet’s haunting ‘Native Guard,’ now a theatre piece at the Alliance, goes to the Civil War and back. – Rob Weinert-Kendt  – American Theater – 1/9/18

Snow Day

Snow Day

Billy Collins


Today we woke up to a revolution of snow,
its white flag waving over everything,
the landscape vanished,
not a single mouse to punctuate the blankness,
and beyond these windows

Dailies 1/16/18


T. R. Hummer – Glass Ceiling

Because she wanted to teach me a lesson
*****about the natural world, my grandmother raised
Her .22 rifle—we were rabbit hunting, so the shotgun

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Cheryl Hopson  – Lost Siblings

I imagine our difference as a flower garden
some of us are tulips,

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Ellen Welcker – [the girls speak to each other via the common tongue]: Feather or a Rock

          which do you love more
a feather or a rock

                                                     to be good is to be ‘natural’
                                                              I mean to appear
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“It’s so beautiful to me that the word laughter is inside slaughter.”

Vuong, who now lives in Massachusetts and works as an assistant professor in the MFA Program for Poets and Writers at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, only gained a taste for poetry in his 20s. He initially put together Night Sky With Exit Wounds for a competition that promised personal rejection to all entrants. “I said, ‘Oh my, a personal rejection. Maybe that’ll give me some tips and push me back out there with a better idea,’” Vuong has recalled – but he received a publishing deal instead.

After winning the Forward prize, Vuong told the Guardian that he suspected dyslexia runs in his family, but felt it had positively affected his writing: “I think perhaps the disability helped me a bit, because I write very slowly and see words as objects. I’m always trying to look for words inside words. It’s so beautiful to me that the word laughter is inside slaughter.”

TS Eliot prize goes to Ocean Vuong’s ‘compellingly assured’ debut collection – Sian Cain – Guardian – 1/15/18

Ocean Vuong – Aubade with Burning City

South Vietnam, April 29, 1975: Armed Forces Radio played Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” as a code to begin Operation Frequent Wind, the ultimate evacuation of American civilians and Vietnamese refugees by helicopter during the fall of Saigon.
******Milkflower petals on the street
******************************like pieces of a girl’s dress.
May your days be merry and bright …

Dailies 1/15/18 – Martin Luther King Day



Cortney Lamar Charleston – “I’m Rooting for Everybody Black”

                  —Issa Rae

Everybody Black is my hometown team. Everybody Black 
dropped the hottest album of the year, easy. Everybody Black 
is in this show, so I’m watching. Everybody Black is in this movie, 
so I’m watching. Everybody Black wore it better, tell the truth. 
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Carmen Giménez Smith – New Moon

got to pullout from predatory capitalism
*****got to participate in all emancipation
I have to prepare to live tight
*****to court danger

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Jim Daniels  – A Brief History of Evolution

God carved his name in cement.

Then somebody took the carving stick


and stuck it through the heart of somebody

who disagreed. Then somebody else

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Microwave Popcorn

The note included with this poem says:

“This poem addresses spectator culture, the so-called emancipated spectator, the baffled displacement that occurs when voyeurism is confused with freedom or empathy or comprehension, and the numbing auto-didacticism that in turn displaces interaction. Martin Luther King becomes Trayvon Martin with a vast black fastness, and the clipped wings of the imagination spread like scars.”
Harmony Holiday

Harmony Holiday – Microwave Popcorn

I think a lot of y’all have just been watching Dr. King get beat
*****up and, ah

**********vacillating opportunists straining for a note of
*****militancy*******     and ah

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