Definition of “tribrach:” 

a form of meter containing three unaccented syllables. (short, short, short)

According to the current Wikipedia page on Tribrach,  (as of June 29, 2013,) “the existence of the tribrach has been contested by some writers.”

However, according to the same Wikipedia entry, this statement itself has been contested.



Webmaster bio: 

I believe that one of the most important things librarians can do for the world right now is to help curate the information-overloaded web.  Though I have an MLS, I am not a “professional” librarian. Most of my spare time, though, goes to finding poems and articles about poetry and then trying to make them easily available to those who might not have time to seek them out themselves.

I have a Masters of Library Science from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, a Masters in English (focused on Poetry Writing) from Miami University, and a Bachelors in English from Washington College.  I’m the daughter of a former state poet-laureate  and a former-horror-writer-turned-poet, so I’ve grown up saturated with the stuff.  Before Tribrach I wrote for places like New Pages and Expansive Poetry and Music.  I also was the main webmaster for Choriamb, before I took a break from blogging to begin a family. I do write poetry myself, but when I submit it to publications I send it out under a different name. Tribrach is intended to promote the work of other poets, not my own work. I’d like to keep it pure.
I can be reached at tanya(dot)a(dot)allen(at)gmail(dot)com
   -Tanya Angell Allen

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