Tribrach is on sabbatical

Tribrach is on sabbatical. My heart hasn’t been into it since my father passed away this past Christmas, and I need to do my own essay writing–something which is particularly hard to do since I’m not in the academic world. (Virginia Woolf talks about a woman writer needing “a room of her own,” but these days, when so many of us work full-time at the same time we raise children, it’s more like a woman needs even just to be able to find “a minute of her own.” 😉 )

My apologies to anyone who has tried to reach me by the Tribrach email or comments–I haven’t checked the former since December and the latter not as much as I should, due to being continually overwhelmed. (Dad died, part of our house was destroyed by frozen pipe damage, my kid was hospitalized for a ruptured appendix, I was hospitalized for pneumonia, a tornado hit my home-town, and so on and so on.) I’ve had a lot of “life” happen to me recently, which is one reason I need to go back to writing about it seriously.

I may post sporadically here and there plus come back fully in a few months after I’ve recharged and figured out how to balance my life and writing better.  If needed I can be reached at tanya (dot) a (dot) allen (at)

All best,


2 thoughts on “Tribrach is on sabbatical

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  1. Thank you for all your incredibly hard work for poetry’s honor and our benefit. It is time for you to be as good to you! Here’s hoping for your greater peace and happiness and goal-meeting. 🙂

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