Dailies 2/13/18


Ellen Doré Watson – Learning to Sail at 57 on Father’s Day

My tiller arm is achy. I have a hard time overriding
instinct. He says pick a landmark if the wind is confusing.
Having said that is a phrase I like. The water: froth

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Poetry Diary: 

Christina Rossetti – Mix a Pancake

Mix a pancake,

Stir a pancake,
Pop it in the pan;
Fry the pancake,
Toss the pancake—
Catch it if you can.


Ewa Chrusciel  – Dreams of Foxes 

Making music with its bone, fox triangulate—
seach muscle a prayer clasped in attention.

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Lara Mimosa Montes – A Pain That Is Not Private

There is a time and place in the world for abstraction. When my 
mother left Puerto Rico for the first time, the year was 1968. 
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