Dailies 2/12/18


 Jacqueline Osherow – Spring Arrives Late to Salt Lake City

Why so hesitant, spring? What’s the problem?
I’ve never known you quite this shy.
You’re like a new girl in junior high,
avoiding the hallways, the lunch room,

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Daily Quote: 

“Every poem holds the unspeakable inside it. The unsayable… The thing that you can’t really say because it’s too complicated. It’s too complex for us. Every poem has that silence deep in the center of it.” 

-Marie Howe 


Lucia LoTempio – Mirror Theory

with a wolf head
in it: magic
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Elisa Gabbert – I could know him, and like him,

without understanding,
like liner notes to a jazz album.

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Poetry Diary: interested in Oliver De La Paz’s work today after reading his comments on LinkedIn “Broems” today.

Oliver De La Paz: Aubade with Bread for the Sparrows

The snow voids the distance of the road
and the first breath comes from the early morning
ghosts. The sparrows with their hard eyes
glisten in the difficult light. They preen

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