Dailies 2/8/18


David Buuck – from I.C.E. AGE

The removal of aliens who pose  
[      	 ] shall be ICE’s high [      	 ]
These aliens include  [      	 ]
engaged in or suspected of
[      	 ] or who otherwise pose
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Claire Schwartz – Cross-Examination

What is poetry which does not save
Nations or people?

—Czeslaw Milosz

what is a country but the drawing of a line
—Safia Elhillo

What is a nation which does not save
poetry? What is a poem but the gathering
of lines? What is a line but people

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 Hillary Gravendyk – I Carry Your Taste as if It Were A Stone 

I carry your taste as if it were a stone. Not your skin, but what it
touches, what it fails to touch. We take in a scene from the front
steps, rinse it of color. Then birds rush from your throat singing and

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Daily Quote:

“To me, a poem is almost like someone whispering to another person, or you hear the whispering in your head. I hope with my own poems that the reader feels a connection, soul to soul, that’ll help us all feel a little less alone on the planet. And it does have the power to direct change. A writer can make the word ‘dark’ be something positive. You can relieve a word like ‘hysterical’ of its misogynistic implications. You can make the language your own. That’s what poetry is about.” – Rita Dove


Poetry Diary: It’s flu season. I’m terrified of germs right now. Here’s a  poem that touches on them: 

Thomas Lux – Gradeschool’s Large Windows

weren’t built to let the sunlight in.
They were large to let the germs out. 
When polio, which sounds like the first dactyl
of a jump rope song, was on the rage,
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