Dailies 2/3/18


Hilary S. Jacqmin – Atomograd

Atom City, Ukraine

I. Prypiat Funfair

The locked Ferris wheel arcs
against the horizon,

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Paul Laurence Dunbar – Beyond the Years


Beyond the years the answer lies,
Beyond where brood the grieving skies
        And Night drops tears.
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 Jürgen Becker (translated by Okla Elliott) – One of the Many Stories of Sounds

It was a quiet afternoon.
Outside, in the corridor, I heard

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Daily Quote:

“Anyone reading contemporary poetry – especially contemporary African-American poetry – will quickly see that race is an enduring subject. What some don’t realize is just how diverse the handling of that subject is. It’s as diverse as blackness.” 

– Terrance Hayes 


Poetry Diary: read this yesterday and have been thinking about it off and on….

Sherman Alexie – Grief Calls Us to the Things of This World

The morning air is all awash with angels . . .
                                            - Richard Wilbur

The eyes open to a blue telephone
In the bathroom of this five-star hotel.
I wonder whom I should call? A plumber, 
Proctologist, urologist, or priest?
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