Dailies 2/1/18


Justin Phillip Reed – About the Bees

I do think of them
from time to time—
just now sucking the pulp
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 Josh Myers –  Aubade in a Red State

***Red like the fanned tail of the half-starved hawk mantling
over a cat, twelve weeks deep in drought, beak wet

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Daily Quote:

“Originality is being different from oneself, not others.”  – Philip Larkin


Dan Gerber – Spring Creek

Standing at ease in the current,
watching my thoughts stream by,
seventeen thousand thoughts in a day.
If I grasp one the river stops flowing.

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Poetry Diary– Found via the Poetry Pharmacy: Right now when my mind buzzes too loudly with grief and worry I try to think of this and get to work:

John Burnside – Of Gravity and Light

What we need most, we learn from the menial tasks:
the novice raking sand in Buddhist texts,
or sweeping leaves, his hands chilled to the bone,
while understanding hovers out of reach;
the changeling in a folk tale, chopping logs,
poised at the dizzy edge of transformation;

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