Dailies 1/31/18


Mary Ruefle – I Cannot Be Quiet an Hour

I begin
to talk to violets.
Tears fall into my soup
and I drink them. 
Sooner or later
everyone donates something. 
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 Beverley Bie Brahic – The Sand Dollar Inn

Ocean Views from Every Room

Here, engraved in someone else’s
name, is a bench where we can sit
and watch the waves go in and out.

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Owen McLeod – Triceratops ♥ You

The bottle says one but Triceratops
needs two to make the want to not be
not be. As if you care. As if sadness

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Poetry Diary: 


George Marion McClellan – A January Dandelion

All Nashville is a chill. And everywhere
Like desert sand, when the winds blow,
There is each moment sifted through the air,
A powdered blast of January snow.
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