“By pitting herself against the new poets, Watts becomes what she claims to loathe—an emotional writer who prioritizes personal feelings over allegedly objective measures of art.”

“In her critique, Watts inadvertently reveals the very reason that Kaur, McNish, and their ilk are poets, whatever one’s personal feelings about the quality of their verse. Poets must ‘strive, through innovation and engagement with tradition, to find new ways of making language meaningful and memorable,’ she writes. And that’s what the internet poets are doing.

“The poets are innovating by using social media to popularize a form of writing, a tradition, that seemed not long ago like it was about to be irrelevant—poetry. They’re igniting intellectual debates. And they’re calling into question the authority of their elders, as well as stuffy old rules about what an artist must know before she can create. They’re doing exactly what rebellious artists have always done.”

IN DEFENSE OF RUPI KAUR AND INSTAGRAM’S “POP POETS” – Ephrat Livni – Quartzy – 1/31/18

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