2 in response to the poetry essay the Brits are currently going nuts over

the poetry article the Brits are currently going nuts over: The Cult of the Noble Amateur – Rebecca Watts – PNR

“WHY IS THE POETRY WORLD pretending that poetry is not an art form? I refer to the rise of a cohort of young female poets who are currently being lauded by the poetic establishment for their ‘honesty’ and ‘accessibility’ – buzzwords for the open denigration of intellectual engagement and rejection of craft that characterises their work. “

2 responses: 

“…Watts is also bang on when she says: The middle-aged, middle-class reviewing sector […] is terrified of being seen to criticise the output of anyone it imagines is speaking on behalf of a group traditionally under-represented in the arts.’

“But do you blame us, when every time we utter a word we either get gummed alive by some 20-year-old or have our every published remark audited for consistency? We can all work together to right the wrongs of the past, and still have space for honest disagreement. But we’re going to have to start by kicking open the doors between the rooms we’ve chosen for ourselves, rooms that reflect nothing but our own admirable taste.”

Curses and verses: the spoken-word row splitting the poetry world apart – Don Paterson – Guardian – 1/26/18

“What a curious time for Watts, a young, up-and-coming female poet, to launch her attack on a group of young, up-and-coming female poets. We are in a poetry boom. The figures for the artists above speak for themselves; sales of poetry in general are up 15%.”

We’re in a poetry boom – so why are poets at each other’s throats? – Alice Jones – i News – 1/25/18

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