Dailies 1/23/18


Anaïs Duplan – Ode to the Happy Negro Hugging the Flag in Robert Colescott’s “George Washington Carver Crossing the Delaware”

I have waited all my life to find me find you
perched around my black neck in repose

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Richard Robbins – When the Other Man Asked Him Did He Pray

He kept driving, the storefronts a shoulder-to-shoulder forest he couldn’t
see around.

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Terry Ann Thaxton  – History of America

On the boat the men drank whatever the women poured
while the women buoyed up the heads of sick children,
and then they were peeling corn, and potatoes rose from
the earth. I never paid attention in school. Didn’t understand

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Poetry Diary:

Barbara Crooker – Grief

is a river you wade in until you get to the other side.
But I am here, stuck in the middle, water parting
around my ankles, moving downstream
over the flat rocks. I’m not able to lift a foot,


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