Dailies 1/22/18


Leyman Pérez – In the Drying Shed of Souls

Drips drips drips

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John Freeman – Mail

We wrote one another a lot
those days, long winding
letters that crossed a country, in which

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Frank Bidart – The Ghost

You must not think that what I have 
accomplished through you

could have been accomplished by any other means.
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Poetry Diary: Posting one by my dad that I thought might amuse others. It’s about how kids in his grade school were convinced there was a mummy in the school, though the teachers denied it. This is not in the poem: but when the kids grew up they found out they’d been right– there really was a REAL MUMMY hidden in the school!

Dick Allen – Janes Avenue

At the end of it, the school
that was once a museum: stairs from its second floor
led up to a huge locked door
and the reek, we imagined, of the missing mummy.


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