Dailies 1/21/18


Robert Hayden – [American Journal]

here among them     the americans     this baffling 
multi people     extremes and variegations     their 
noise     restlessness     their almost frightening 
energy     how best describe these aliens in my 
reports to The Counselors 
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Moira Egan – Jardin du Poète

The garden’s ancient walls are low and broken
and thus (yes, “even at my age”) easy
to scale. They say this was a garden Goethe
adored. I see him sketching: helichrysum,

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Beth Copeland  – There

Snapped string,

pearls scattered.


For her, each

synapse is a pearl,

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Poetry Diary: Spending some of the morning throwing things out that were destroyed by the recent flood in our basement from the frozen pipe damage. Feeling dumb at being a 46 year old woman sobbing over throwing away stuffed animals in one of the boxes, but one belonged to my grandfather and the other was bought for me by my grandmother. I feel like I’m throwing them away as well. It’s silly, but…. I guess this attachment to “things” is pretty common. 

Maxine Scates – Mother’s Closet

This is everything she ever closed a door
on, the broom closet of childhood
where no one could ever find a broom.
Here, layer upon layer, nothing breathes:


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