Dailies 8/11/17: Falling, FaceTime, Labor Day,  Illocutionary Reels? No Worry!


Daily quote“I think the most important resource for poets are other poets. I think that all poets, more or less, belong to this tribe. When you find a fellow poet and you talk to them, you recognize them even if you’ve never met them. ” – Matthew Zapruder – Matthew Zapruder on how to write and read poemsThe Creative Independent – August 8 2017


Jane Attanucci – Falling

I’ve fallen many times:
the usual stumbles
over secret schoolgirl crushes,
head-over-heels for teen heartthrobs.
I loved them all.

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Jessica de Koninck – Labor Day

These hydrangea have turned all the colors of autumn.
Each an eye focused on the sofa, front door,
coffee table, and the window on the lake where the sky
drips melted beads into the water. The flowers

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Clint Smith – FaceTime

On another night
in a hotel
in a room
in a city
flanked by all

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Andrew Joron – Illocutionary Reels

• Die rolls, rules die.
• Reaper, repairer, here appear.

• Wear sorrow, noiseware.
• Ring, bring news from nowhere.

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Poetry Diary

I’ve got several friends in tough situations right now, and I’m trying not to over-worry about them.  And I’m trying not to worry about the threat of nuclear war.  And I’m trying not to worry about many other things.  So I liked this: 

Cole Swensen – No Worry

No, worry about nothing
but the chiseling
of hills into distance
in the slight haze



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