Dailies 8/10/17: Corrections! Apples, airline concourses, weddings, salt



Kim Roberts – Pomology

I will eat the apple
read Stephen’s note this morning.
He is volunteering to play Eve.

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Jeffrey Skinner – Corrections


A violet light addressed the snow
(impressed, caressed, suggests)—
this memory brought to you
by a boy in ‘belled jeans’
shifting foot to foot, impatient
to be off again. I believe

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Maryann Corbett  – Concourse

And now, —presto-the way dreams change, abruptly—
the mood brightens. What did you just survive?
The crush of lost souls on the bank of Styx?

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John Daniel – After the Wedding

for Marilyn

After the white balloons were swept away
on the wind that had swallowed
most of our vows, after the embraces
and tears, the flung rose petals,

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Poetry Diary: I’m currently obsessed w/the awesomeness that results from putting olive oil and sea salt on ice cream.  So I did a Poetry Foundation search for “salt” and found the lovely: 

Lisel Mueller– Love Like Salt

It lies in our hands in crystals
too intricate to decipher
It goes into the skillet
without being given a second thought

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