Dailies 8/9/17: lethargy, getting one’s teeth cleaned, the Pulse attack in Orlando, trying to find comfort, everyone is Noah



Paul Hostovsky – The Calculus

My hygienist likes to include me
in the decision-making.
“Shall we use the hand scaler
or the ultrasonic today?” she asks me.
I like the way she says “we,”
like we’re doing something intimate
and collaborative,
like building a snowman,

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Joshua Jennifer Espinoza  – Comfort

11 am. time to wake up.

muscles sore, jaw clenched, warm light

scattering dreams of violence across

the bedroom. i’ve chosen a self

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Wayne Miller – Carillon

Phones were ringing

in the pockets of the living
and the dead

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 Rusty Morrison  –  Everyone is Noah (it’s first daylight)

it’s first daylight & the wrecked***possible is not yet a
foregone conclusion but you***already hear what’s digging
for you with its long fetching***pole just like everybody

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Poetry Diary

(adding this extra poem today because I am trying to ward off summer lethargy at work) 

Donald Justice – Lethargy

It smiles to see me
Still in my bathrobe.
It sits in my lap
And will not let me rise.


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