Dailies 8/8/17: a Rose of Jericho, quanta, chanterelles, & a stepdaughter’s criticism



Cindy Veach – Rose of Jericho

I’m not sure about this gift. This tangle
of dried roots curled into a fist. This gnarl

I’ve let sit for weeks beside the toaster
and cookbooks on a bed of speckled granite.

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Paul Hostovsky – The New Criticism

My stepdaughter
says I’m boring.
“Everything you say
is boring and like
so seventies.” Her mother
says I’m wonderful, though.

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Rae Armantrout – Made Short


Like us, the quanta

spend most of their time


in limbo

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Rodney Jones – LXXXIII (Chanterelles)

Black trumpets, whale-colored pamphlets, or shingles, or ears, book-
marks of the netherworld, breakast food of the box turtle.

For a long time, she could not find them, hovering just above them
the way an inanimate lamp will hang blindly above the lucidities
of geometry.

Read rest of poem + 1 more by Jones 


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