Dailies 8/5/17: August! Walking the dog on the night before he is to be fixed, Rabbinical students stand in their bathrobes @ 2 AM, & a found poem of Strait of Georgia insults!



John Stone – Walking the Dog on the Night before He Is to Be Fixed

As far as I can tell, old chum, neuter
is neither here nor there, but in-between,
a state that has a certain charm, like pewter,
prized for durability, if not for sheen.

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Yehoshua November –  “2AM, and the Rabbinical Students Stand in Their Bathrobes” 

2AM, and the rabbinical students stand in their bathrobes
at the edge of the yeshiva parking lot, watching
the practiced motions of muscular firemen disembarking
from their engine. Soon, it will be determined

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Tim Bowling – Found Poem of Strait of Georgia Insults

You’re a Dull Oregon grape you black-bellied plover of a long-billed
dowitcher. You lugworm you screwshell. What a walleye pollock of a
Kelp-encrusting Bryozoan. Yeah, you heard me, you Suborbicular
kellyclam Twelve-tentacled parasitic anemone. Your scaup’s always

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Helen Hunt Jackson – August

Silence again. The glorious symphony
Hath need of pause and interval of peace.
Some subtle signal bids all sweet sounds cease,
Save hum of insects’ aimless industry.

Read rest of poem 

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