Dailies 8/4/17: a dead parrot, a nacreous interior, changing the definition of “literally” to “figuratively,” and this Q: in our secular age, from where does the right of total judgment derive?



Laura McKee – Exotic Treats

Especially on long drives through the country,
you like to tell that story about your old girlfriend
whose parrot was killed one afternoon

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Sarah Passino – November 9, 2016


A friend posted
the other day:
“they changed
the definition of
‘literally’ to ‘figuratively,'”
and so I joked around
all week, swapping
the words: “I figuratively
can’t find my keys,” I
told my husband as
I rushed around,
searching; “I
literally flooded
the house,”

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Ryo Yamaguchi –  The Nacreous Interior

Here we are in the mishearing, in the fugue,

an amplifier upon which to rest the book,

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Iain Haley Pollock – the smoke of the country went up

Drop fire from the sky but don’t name me
as reason. My sister is lost on the longest lit road

in the world. She wanders into shoe stores
the hour before close and chews the stock

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