Dailies 8/1/17: zinnias, teenagers, grandparents, transcendence



Tyler Mills – Zinnias

My father’s mother grew a garden of zinnias
to divide the house from the woods:

pop art tops in every color—cream,
peach, royal purple, and even envy

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 Gale Marie Thompson  – [In this small tent men pound]

In this small tent men pound
on my portico, hold ground bees
to death in their fists. I hear their drills
slice walls, skin against nail against

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Robyn Sarah – On Closing the Apartment of my Grandparents of Blessed Memory

And then I stood for the last time in that room.
The key was in my hand. I held my ground,
and listened to the quiet that was like a sound,
and saw how the long sun of winter afternoon

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 Lance Larsen – “All Puffy and White, Goldish, Harpy, and Angelonic”

This the neighbor boy’s exact description of heaven. Which he blissfully ad-libbed from the pulpit, like some Shackleton on laudanum describing the white hell in which he was forced to sacrifice his own sled dogs. But laced with tenderness. Take that, Saint John of Patmos, take that, Thomas Aquinas and

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