Dailies 7/30/17: tender buttons, Ashmita, after our daughter’s wedding, nothing has taken me


Peter Cole – Nothing Has Taken Me


Nothing has taken me
****more by surprise—
 *******that dove, cooing

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Glenn Shea – Ashmita 

Older girls mostly and some young women,

but a few little gigglers too, among the solemn

faces of the poor. Barrettes and bracelets, their best

smocks and jeans, lined up by the city hall,

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Ellen Bass – After Our Daughter’s Wedding

While the remnants of cake
and half-empty champagne glasses
lay on the lawn like sunbathers lingering
in the slanting light, we left the house guests

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Gertrude Stein – Tender Buttons [A Red Stamp]

If lilies are lily white if they exhaust noise and distance and even dust, if they dusty will dirt a surface that has no extreme

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