the #1 book of poems right now AND immoral poetry




The #1 best-selling book of poetry right now, according to Small Press Distribution, is:



Find the rest of the current SPD list here. 

This list is noted in the current New York Times Book Review section, in the article

Two Poets Walk Into a Bookstore – Gregory Cowles – New York Times – July 28, 2017

The Cowles piece is worth reading also for the poetry joke @ its beginning & its note about how

Edna St. Vincent’s Millay’s publisher once “requested an ad with the headline ‘Immortal Poetry,’ “for Millay’s book Fatal Interview “but a typesetter’s error rendered it ‘Immoral Poetry’ instead. ‘I regret to say that I think the error was to their advantage,’ The Times’s publisher, Adolph S. Ochs, reportedly grumbled.”

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