Dailies 7/28/17: Schrödinger’s mouse, visiting an ancestral home, giving God a makeover & a prayer to talk to animals



Dana Curtis  – Schrödinger’s Mouse

There’s nothing so small that there isn’t something smaller —
a very small cat killed an even smaller mouse
and the box issues physics,
(sell: failed cell: blood) a gaslit house:

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Louis Jenkins – My Ancestral Home

We came to a beautiful little farm. From photos
I’d seen I knew this was the place. The house
and barn were painted in the traditional Falu
red, trimmed with white. It was nearly mid-

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Nikole Brown – A Prayer to Talk to Animals

Lord, I ain’t asking to be the Beastmaster
gym-ripped in a jungle loincloth
or a Doctor Dolittle or even the expensive vet
down the street, that stethoscoped redhead,
her diamond ring big as a Cracker Jack toy.

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Philip Fried – The Full Treatment

Algebrista y Sangrador

Barbering, bonesetting, bloodletting, it’s all
In the equation, the unknown revealed, the patient
Healed, as proclaimed by the helical red-and-white pole,
Sign of a site of bandages and blood,

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