A cool poetry-video collaboration, + Broadsided Press!!!!


I’d been planning to post about what I’ve been learning in the class I’m taking on hybrids via The Poetry Barn, but, partly because I’ve been trying to give energy and time to the class itself, haven’t had the energy or time to post about it. Argh. Here, though, as I have a moment, is one of the interesting pieces we were assigned to check out in the class:

It’s by, as my teacher Brenda Mann Hammock writes in her online lesson,  “poet Nicelle Davis and motion graphic artist Cheryl Gross,” who “began working together when they were paired by Broadsided Press, a grass roots organization that brings artists and poets together to create and distribute PDF posters that are distributed electronically so that any participant can download and post them to promote the living arts in various localities.”


Read more about this month’s Broadsided Press broadside and download it for distribution here. 

And find more about Broadsided here. 

“Founded in 2005 with the mission of putting literature and art on the streets, Broadsided publishes monthly visual-literary collaborations as FREE posters for anyone to download and print. Special features punctuate the monthly publications.

“Writing is chosen from open submissions.  Art is created by a pool of artists invited to the project.  Distribution is managed by you, the grass-roots “Vectors” who print the letter-sized pdfs and post them in your neighborhoods.

“We want to help YOU put words and art on the streets of your communities.”

 Also check out upcoming online classes at the Poetry Barn.  The next one up, starting July 31, is on Ekphrastic Poetry. 

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