Dailies 7/24/17: the dark sea, the cold tree; American Self-Portrait IV; Directions to Your College Dorm & Bare Metal Install



Emily Fragos – the dark tree, the cold sea

although I know you can never be found
although I know that from the highest height
you cannot be seen you are not hiding
from me or are you is it how you look now

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John Estes – Bare Metal Install

Someone somewhere sits alone in a house
Who would probably rather be someone or somewhere else
And considers the difference between alone and lonely
While brushing her hair or pouring another cup

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Faith Shearin – Directions to Your College Dorm

All hallways still lead to that room
with its ceiling so high it might have been

a sky, and your metal bed by the window,
and your crate of books. First,

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Dean Rader – American Self-Portrait IV


Here is the wind as it locks and reloads above
the waves. And there, the clatter of gulls scattershot

across the beach. Notice the couple caught in midlaugh
as the little dog of time tags along behind them, its leash

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