Dailies 7/20/17: wishing to love the world like a mother, watching movies in which someone throws a drink in someone else’s face, looking for personal conviction in ourselves, not wanting to see “Time: The Kalief Browder Story” on Spike TV



Ron Padgett – The Drink

I am always interested in the people in films who have just had a drink
thrown in their faces. Sometimes they react with uncontrollable rage,
but sometimes—my favorites—they do not change their expressions at
all. Instead they raise a handkerchief or napkin and calmly dab at the

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Maggie Smith – Rain, New Year’s Eve


The rain is a broken piano,

playing the same note over and over.


My five year old said that.

Already she knows loving the world


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Tiana Clark – 800 Days: Libation

after not wanting to watch “Time: The Kalief Browder Story” on Spike TV

It rained inside me
it is raining inside my neck
the rain falls in sheets inside long sheets inside
all the rain is falling inside collapsing spit

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Thomas McCarthy – At Thoor Ballylee

If we could only find some personal conviction
In ourselves, not be as dispirited as a heavy soil
Or as inevitable as a tree; as unlearned as
An attitude of our fathers. If this heavy rain,
Which is really only vapours off the boil
And growing cold in Co. Galway, if this rain has
Any meaning other than itself, then a stain

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