Dailies 7/19/17: a monkey, a beast, a penny, a night ghazal



Sarah Rose Nordgren – Dr. Harry Harlowe’s Primate Laboratory

—University of Wisconsin, 1958

I was cut down like a fruit
before they hauled me with the others
toward a town of skinny trees.
In the back of the van
I looked down and found myself

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Christopher Bakken – Driving the Beast

 *******In the thick brush
they spend the hottest part of the day,

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This poem is a conversation w/Robert Frost’s “The Most of It.” 


Leila Chatti – Night Ghazal

I boil night on the stove; soak it until it’s thoroughly done, black.
We drink it like tea, unspeaking—swallow its moths, distant suns, black.

Through the telescope’s silver barrel, litter of white stars
already dead. They glitter like shrapnel. The sky, gun-black.

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William Butler Yeats – Brown Penny

I whispered, ‘I am too young,’
And then, ‘I am old enough’;

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