Dailies 7/10/17: vines, stockings, fathers & blue laws



Anna Lena Phillips Bell – Qualifications for One to Be Climbed

If not utter stillness, at least dedication
to sloth; if not sandpaper surface, the texture
of knotty fenceposts, or the trees they were made from.

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Anya Krugovoy Silver – Woman with a Hole in Her Stocking

Such a universal female gesture,
a woman grabbing the seam of her stocking,
tugging it forward over the exposed toe,
tucking it under her foot so the tear won’t show.

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Wendy Xu – Looking at My Father

It’s the inside which comes out, as I contemplate
him there half in sunlight, weeding diligently
a Midwestern lawn. On my persons, I have only notes
and a drying pen, the memory of onion blossoms

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Dave Smith –  Blue Laws

In my town blue laws still cover everything,
so I take a walk out to the end of nowhere,
I pass the owner of a black Ford with a hood up
but he doesn’t answer when I speak to him.

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