Dailies 7/8/17: IT IS BITTER, BITTER /immigrants, reincarnation, the day the world is forecast to end and does not



Stephen Crane – In the Desert

In the desert
I saw a creature, naked, bestial,

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Seth Michelson – Cosmopolitical Fugue 

Syrian immigrants smash on the rocks
off Lesbos where Sappho sang Don’t shatter
my heart with fierce pain
, the line
looping in my head as I wake from eye surgery:

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Marie Howe – Walking Home

Everything dies, I said. How had that started?
A tree? The winter? Not me, she said.

And I said, Oh yeah? And she said, I’m reincarnating.
Ha, she said, See you in a few thousand years!

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K.A. Hays – On the Day the World Is Forecast to End and Does Not

So night’s been poured and drunk.
The migrained clouds stumble and blanch.
An ornery sky. A boring sun-slant on dingy snow.

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