Dailies 7/6/17: plumage, the sky, cookies, light



David Hernandez – Sincerely, the Sky

Yes, I see you down there
looking up into my vastness.

What are you hoping
to find on my vacant face,

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Leona Sevick – I Had Pretty Plumage Once

The bees alighting on clover so near my toes
have no interest in what I have to offer.
Fat wolf spiders on my porch jump at flies
and leave my arms, my legs, unmolested.

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Noah Eli Gordon – Out of Touch Screen

Sometimes starting with a title
Infuses the work
With an insurmountable dread
How is one to fulfill such a promise

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Mark Irwin – Table of Contents


When the light, pummeled gold, casts the windows of houses up like foil

and the dusk begins to soften your bones toward snow

as you sit, turning photos in the album, each one

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