Dailies 7/2/17: a mother kneels in a cactus garden, a mother freaks over the strange looks on her daughter’s face, Elizabeth Barrett Browning grieves, & what the body becomes



E. J. Koh – To My Mother Kneeling in a Cactus Garden


For a month I tried to think of what to say.
How many times you’ve swept a kitchen knife
across your neckline and said, This is how
you end a marriage
. How many more wicks you light
for God. I could tell by your eyes you’ve never

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Sharon Olds – Diagnosis

By the time I was six months old, she knew something
was wrong with me. I got looks on my face
she had not seen on any child
in the family, or the extended family,

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Tina Schumann – Repository 

Is this what the body becomes? A sentient catalog
of record and recall: story, event, dream and memory.
An embedded checklist of minutiae that permeates

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning – Sonnet V

I lift my heavy heart up solemnly,
As once Electra her sepulchral urn,
And, looking in thine eyes, I overturn
The ashes at thy feet. Behold and see

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