God banish from your house /The fly, the roach, the mouse


(Poetry Diary 271 – 6/29/17) I’m all nervous today (cat is in hospital, car is making VERY SCARY noises when I drive it, etc.) so went looking for poems about anxiety. Re-found one called “The Very Nervous Family” which I’ve posted on Tribrach before & which is calming me down, maybe because it expresses & makes slight light out of anxiety and thus makes it feel more containable.  After more Googling I also found this blessing by Stanley Kunitz, which I now want to give to everyone I care about:


Stanley Kunitz

God banish from your house
The fly, the roach, the mouse

That riots in the walls
Until the plaster falls;

Admonish from your door
The hypocrite and liar;

No shy, soft tigrish fear
Permit upon your stair,

Read rest of poem 

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