Dailies 6/20/17: the awesomeness of a word like “Quetzal,” advice to those have to work twice as hard to be viewed 1/2 as good, Lazarus, & Patty’s Charcoal Drive-In




Arthur Sze – Talisman

Quetzal: you write
 *****the word on a sheet of paper
  ***********then erase it;

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Ali Liebegott – Hope

always the hopeless asked to give others hope
the ones pushed up against wall after wall

when you’re done unpinning yourself
from the wall, please give hope

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 Ricardo Pau- Llosa  – Lazarus

What but poverty earned him your respect
that when our fates were turned he is called
to act as cruelly as I did then? Lot’s wife
turned back in shock, in pity perhaps,
and for this she was robbed of flesh and name.

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Barbara Crooker – Patty’s Charcoal Drive-In

First job. In tight black shorts
and a white bowling shirt, red lipstick
and bouncing ponytail, I present
each overflowing tray as if it were a banquet.

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