Dailies 6/19/17: stupid birds, evil cats, loyal dogs, & the rights of disabled people



Nathan McClain – Aubade


Still dark and already

the stupid birds are at it


outside the window

how could anyone possibly

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Julie Roorda – Cat’s Eye


The same year that Bruno burned,
German shoemaker Jakob Boehme perceived
in a glint of sunlight reflected
from a pewter water jug, the answer
to the problem of evil:
God, like Jung, would rather
be whole than good.

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Greg Watson – Yellow Lab Outside the Coffee Shop

The yellow lab outside the coffee shop
today cannot sit still; but instead

radiates the ever-expectant energy
of a thousand hummingbirds,

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Jillian Weise – Some Rights

Right to property
Right to protect property
Encrypt everything
Make private
I am so right and if I’m not
***I’m gonna burn yr FB wall down

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