Dailies 6/18/17: Sun-Day, a shed, a father moves through dooms of love, & the strangest moment in your life



E.E. Cummings – my father moved through dooms of love


my father moved through dooms of love
through sames of am through haves of give,
singing each morning out of each night
my father moved through depths of height

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Madeline Tiger – Sun-Day 

    For my daughter, Barbara Joan,
                                You left a radiance in my room

The sunlight spread today
even though, when you were here
it seemed all dark as if a warning cloud
and thunderous announcements
hung above us.

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Kate Light – There Comes the Strangest Moment

There comes the strangest moment in your life,
when everything you thought before breaks free—
what you relied upon, as ground-rule and as rite
looks upside down from how it used to be.

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Atsuro Riley – Shed

But roughly but adequately it can shelter

In which she whomped
and tamped the earth to make a floor.

Beat a rhythm-rain
of brunts with oar and haft.

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