if you’re going on the Poets House Poetry Walk w/Bill Murray, be nice & let him enjoy the poetry….


Every year, at least one journalist must figure out how to write a good article reporting original material on Bill Murray and the Poets House Poetry Walk, in which Murray participates each year. Here’s the best I’ve seen so far in 2017:

An Evening With Bill Murray, Cranky Poet Philosopher King – Ben Yakas – The Gothamist – 6/15/17

It begins:

“I’m told that Bill Murray seems too cranky to speak to me. It’s understandable, seeing as how we just walked from the Municipal Building across the Brooklyn Bridge to Jane’s Carousel in DUMBO as part of the annual Poets House poetry walk on Monday. As we stopped to listen to poetry readings by the likes of Billy Collins and Gregory Pardlo at the first arch of the bridge, there was little-to-no shade to provide relief from one of the hottest days of the year so far. Between the heat and dodging tourists, cyclists and gawkers who stuck their cameras out and whisper-shrieked ‘There’s Bill Murray!,’ who wouldn’t be a bit cranky?”
One of the poems Murray read this year was “Life Lessons” by Patricia Spears Jones.  It was a particularly good choice for a reader who brings others so much joy.

Life Lessons

Patricia Spears Jones 


There are many lessons learned in life

But few come from tragedy—I know, I know


What makes you stronger and all that.  Rot

I say


You learn more from what makes you laugh

Read rest of poem 

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