Dailies 6/15/17: night herons, in the flood, the scent of apple cake, deepening my know



Miriam N. Kotzin – Night Herons

    after “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver

You cannot be coaxed to be indifferent.
You cannot be coaxed to drift through your senescence
for three decades on a lawn dreaming.

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About this poem: “…each line in the poem that is my own line is seven syllables in length, but all italicized phrases are quotes from Maurice Blanchot and those do not conform to the other lines’s syllable count—the quotes ‘flood’ out of any constriction of syllabics. I chose the quotes before I began writing this poem, so as to let the unexpected quality of their tonalities disrupt my ways of seeing and saying….” – Rusty Morrison

Rusty Morrison – in the flood

“yes of course” was one speech too many
now you’ve done it exposed your
obsequious emphases

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Martha Silano – I have to deepen my know


ledge because it’s shallow like a tarn
in late August, because I don’t

have a grasp on the rate of melting,
on the sponge-like Greenland firn

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Marge Piercy – The scent of apple cake

My mother cooked as drudgery
the same fifteen dishes round
and round like a donkey bound
to a millstone grinding dust.

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