Dailies 6/14/17: henchmen, a thunderstorm, lineage, + grooming & pursuit



Maria Hummel – My Henchmen 

My henchmen are fat and ugly.
They have short hard names.
If I want to hurt you, they do.

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Jennifer Militello – Lineage Is Its Own Religion

I was an apostle to the group of you, strangers
who had known me since I was born. I ate
of your flesh. I drank of your blood. Sipped
the elixir of your moods. Put the remainders

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Molly Bendall – Grooming and Pursuit

Flocks careen
the warehouses, wings dodge the prickly pear. Pull your mouth strings

and hazard a guess. See what starts
to change, what’s on
a hook.

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Thomas Hardy – A Thunderstorm In Town

She wore a new ‘terra-cotta’ dress,
And we stayed, because of the pelting storm,

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