“…artists who would be aghast to find themselves on the same side of any debate as Donald Trump might well feel a sneaking sympathy with his dismissal of critics.”


How to Live With Critics (Whether You’re an Artist or the President) – Adam Kirsch – New York Times – June 14, 2017

“The contempt of artists for critics is, of course, understandable. To create an artwork is to give the world a kind of gift, and no one likes having a gift rejected, or even inspected too carefully. In a sense, artists who condemn criticism are relying on the old idea that ‘it’s the thought that counts’: Because the intention of the giver is generous and pure, any carping about the gift is cruelly small-minded. Yet as anyone who has received an ill-fitting or unsuitable present knows, the thought is not the only thing that counts. Once a work of art emerges from its creator’s study or studio, it becomes the possession of anyone who interacts with it, and therefore it is open to judgment: Do I actually derive pleasure and enlightenment from it?”

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