Dailies 6/10/17: where the cancer center’s new wing will be, when beauty met beauty, a blindman, & the shame of outliving one’s friends




Debra Nystrom – Where the Cancer Center’s New Wing Will Be


They walk into the world again—traffic, wind, siren, drilling—not
having to talk for a while after hours of one blank
room then another, until at last the surgeon knocked
and shook their hands. They watched his wand point out

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Jawdat Fakhreddine – How Long This Day of Mine 


Is it not shameful

to outlive one’s friends?

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David Wagoner – Blindman

He waits by the quiet street,
His cane, his fingers,
And his listening face
Trembling, not out of fear

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Rupert Brooke – Beauty and Beauty

When Beauty and Beauty meet
All naked, fair to fair,

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