re: 1 of history’s 1st televised hearings….

(Poetry Diary 259 – 6/9/17) Thinking about yesterday’s Comey Hearing, here’s one about one of history’s first televised hearings:

Ira Sadoff – The Mc Carthy Hearings 

Everything’s under suspicion:

the gray clouds, the rust-colored trees,

Muffled sounds from the television,

and parents glued to every word, as though

Read rest of poem 

I’m esp. interested in this re: the topic of  “political poems” today after reading comments by Billy Collins in Connecticut Magazine  on how “Political poetry usually doesn’t last very long because it has a shelf life, it’s tied to the headlines….” Which is true, yet it’s great to be able to turn to political poems of the past, such as this one, for perspective.

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