Your ego is just an impediment

“Deep down I don’t care about the writer; I only care about what’s written. Everyone is a terrible judge of their own abilities, and it takes someone else to say, ‘Hey this is great, or this is crap.’ And to say ultimately: ‘Hey you don’t matter. What you’re making, the object, is the only thing that matters. Your ego is just an impediment.’” – Larry Fagin

A Poetic Mentor Who Minces Few Words – Chadwick Moore – New York Times – 9/7/11

LARRY FAGIN (July 21, 1937 – May 27, 2017)– Kyle Schlesinger – Cuneiform – 5/29/17


Larry Fagan

The little white dog wags his tail
The red mill turns silently
The movie line is a mile long
The sleepyheads toy with their food
The Japanese gardener flies to pieces
Orange soda blows in the wind
A lettuce leaf floats by

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