poems are little maps


“Poems will not save your life. But what poems can do at best is provide you a roadmap so that you can save your life. They’re just little maps. If you’re listening to yourself—if you’re trusting yourself.” – Aziza Barnes

Aziza Barnes​ tells us about her journey to find herself in a country ruled by tired notions of race and gender. – Alexis P. Williams – Vice – June 3, 2017

Aziza Barnes – Down Like a Shot,

falling into unearthed light, or something like that is
who I was last night. you brought me
a drink you didn’t know the name of & told
me I “could get it.” you, not the drink, which I downed,
even though it was my 9th of the night, the drink

Read rest of poem + 4 more by Barnes @ Pank Magazine


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