why do we need ecopoetry? + telling flowers not to bloom


“In this century, environmentalist poetry is suffused with the deniable but inescapable conditions of species extinction and global warming. Still, today’s green poets confront the familiar prejudice against didacticism. In an interview with Earthlines, Jorie Graham 
articulates what ecopoetry can do to persuade suspicious readers, who

feel anything remotely “political” to be polemical and thus didactic. They feel they “know this information already, so why do they need it in a poem.” That is precisely the point. They “know” it. They are not “feeling it.” That is what activists in the environmental movement are asking of us: help it be felt, help it be imagined.

– John Shoptaw – Why Ecopoetry? There’s no Planet B. – Poetry – 1/4/16

Dialogue (of the Imagination’s Fear)

Jorie Graham

All around in
———————————houses near us, the
———————————the windows shine back
———————————sky, it is a
———————————wonder we
can use the word free and have it mean anything

Read rest of poem 

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