Weldon Kees: “’the most interesting poet of his generation,’ that interestingness being due, in no small part, to his disappearance.”

Weldon Kees
The dog stops barking after Robinson has gone.
His act is over. The world is a gray world,
Not without violence, and he kicks under the grand piano,
The nightmare chase well under way.

Grand Finale: On “The Poetry of Weldon Kees: Vanishing as Presence” – Kathleen Rooney – Los Angeles Review of Books – 5/30/17

“The details of Kees’s disappearance are well known to his cult following: after months of telling friends that he was contemplating either committing suicide by leaping from the Golden Gate Bridge or slipping away to begin his life over anonymously in Mexico, Kees’s car was found abandoned on July 19, 1955, in the sightseers’ parking lot on the Marin County side of the bridge. His body was never recovered, and the police, when they searched his apartment, found only his cat, Lonesome, a pair of red socks left soaking in the sink, and two books prominently displayed on the bedside table: Dostoyevsky’s The Devils and Unamuno’s Tragic Sense of Life. He appeared to have taken his watch, wallet, and sleeping bag, as well as his savings account book, which showed a balance of $800.”

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