Want to see Emily Dickinson’s Herbarium?


So cool. Harvard has digitized Emily Dickinson’s 66 page Herbarium.  

According to Maria Popova @ Brainpickings: Emily Dickinson’s Herbarium: A Forgotten Treasure at the Intersection of Science and Poetry, “What emerges is an elegy for time, composed with passionate patience, emanating the same wakefulness to sensuality and morality that marks Dickinson’s poetry.”

Popova also writes, “In an era when the scientific establishment barred and bolted its gates to women, botany allowed Victorian women to enter science through the permissible backdoor of art.”

emily dickinson herbarium8.jpg

A sepal, petal, and a thorn
Upon a common summer’s morn—
A flask of Dew—A Bee or two—
A Breeze—a caper in the trees—
And I’m a Rose!

Emily Dickinson (found at Poem Hunter) 


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