Dailies 5/30/17: a ventriloquist, calling a 40-something “Baby,” a snake among weeds, & a poem composed on the day of George Michael’s death


Bruce Bond – Ventriloquist

It started with a doll, a woman,
who could have been his child and was
when, at times, his voice grew small
to go the places he could not go
alone. And like a child, the doll

Read rest of poem 


Ron Carlson – Baby

Oh baby, I love you so much
that I call you baby
even though you’re forty-one
years old, wait, I mean forty-two,
but baby, oh Baby, you’re my

Read rest of poem 


Sandra Simonds – The Garden of Eden

Vision of Baudelaire——–in this North Florida forest——looking into—–the eye
of a lizard with green———purple eyeliner zigzagging its way up a—–burnt log

Read rest of poem 


Christina Pugh – Snake Among Weeds
(on wallpaper)

lacing—————-embarking in
the self-spun—————–curve

Read rest of poem + 2 more by Pugh

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