“Hopkins’ misery was literature’s gain” & “Poets are the absolute antitheses of Trump”


Gerard Manley Hopkins, a terrible teacher who hated UCD – Simon Edge – The Irish Times – May 22, 2017

“In fairness, he had a genuinely awful time of it. In episodes I dramatise in my novel The Hopkins Conundrum, the unhappy soul who would eventually be recognised as a literary visionary arrived as Professor of Classics at University College Dublin in 1885. The Irish province of the Society of Jesus, which had taken over the running of the university, was dead against English Catholic converts joining their staff, so his appointment was bitterly contested. It was a bad start for a sensitive, frail creature who was already a misfit as on his own side of the Irish Sea.

“The university itself was a sorry institution, operating out of a rat-infested building on the south side of St Stephen’s Green, bereft of books because the committee that gave the place to the Jesuits decided they wouldn’t need a library. Although he took his responsibilities seriously, Hopkins was a terrible teacher with no ability to control unruly students. When those students found out that the funny little man trying to teach them Latin and Greek was an English conservative with an Oxford accent and hopelessly hostile views on Home Rule, they made themselves as unruly as possible.”


‘We poets are the absolute antitheses of Trump’: a new collection takes a stand – Elizabeth Lund – Washington Post – 5/23/17

“As editor Amit Majmudar writes in the prologue, ‘We poets are the absolute antitheses of Trump. We are at the other end of the spectrum: we are his negative image.’ Much of the work reminds readers that we are responsible for our choices and, through them, can help determine the future of the nation.”

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